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Revolutionizing the way you build using steel construction

Fully Finished Backyard Studios With Long Lasting and Top of the Line Construction

We believe that everyone deserves a higher level of living while not breaking the bank. We provide affordable backyard studios which are manufactured with high-quality materials. Our buildings are fully finished and come with the floor. All you need is a flat ground or a few leveled concrete blocks for the installation.

Our building method is intended to encourage a higher level of life while streamlining assembly and producing the best possible results. We use premium, sustainable, and ecologically friendly materials to manufacture durable, dependable, and long-lasting products.

This great article from Florance Property Solutions explains the key advantages of Having a Backyard Studio

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Key Advantages of Having a Backyard Studio

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Affordable spaces that last

We use heavy-duty Solid steel framing that would last a lifetime. Our buildings are thoughtfully designed and constructed to withstand the harsh winters throughout Maine and New England.

Modern Minimalist Design

The simple and open design invites the outdoors indoors. Our studios offer a unique, affordable solution for creating a functional, versatile workspace or living space.


We always put our customers first thanks to our efficient process


We will work with you to select the best possible studio for your needs. Once you select the model, we’ll start the manufacturing process. We are currently offering buildings smaller than 200 sqft, so it would technically not require a permit, but please check with your local town office before placing the order.

Delivery & Setup


After placing the order, it typically takes 90 to 120 days for the studio to be ready. We will work with local companies for the delivery and setup.


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