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Our story

  • We are a small Maine based company. We wanted to come up with an effective and economical solution to increase the living space without touching the existing structure on the property; that’s when Place came into existence. We spent quite a lot of time researching the market. We noticed how expensive the backyard buildings were being sold, and the quality was not there; those buildings were meant for temporary solutions and not to last long.

  • We worked with engineers and architects to develop a durable and economical solution. We used light gauge steel framing and durable materials to construct the building. And finish it with high-end interior and exterior materials like metal roof, metal cladding, birch plywood interior walls, finished with engineered wooden flooring that would last a lifetime.

  • We made sure that we price our product competitively and low enough that people would be able to afford

  • We integrated some advanced architectural designs in the foundation of the building so that it can be moved without using heavy machinery like cranes, hence reducing the cost of delivery and set up.

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