Sustainable living or working spaces created with steel framing and high quality materials

We are a Maine based business. We specialize in manufacturing the backyard studios. Our studios are built with steel framing and high quality materials. These studios offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution. With their portability, our studios can be easily relocated, making them suitable for temporary or permanent setups.

Our Studios Offerings


A perfect solution for any small space needs. The premium, quality material produces a luxurious feel, giving you the perfect place to relax, work or workout in style Whether its for an office,


The Haven provides a great workspace, and There is plenty of room to move around and be productive, making the Haven a perfect choice for whatever you need to bring your ideas to life!


The Oasis helps you make the most of your space in style, and its sleek design offers a harmonious balance between efficiency and function to give you an ideal place for work or play!


The Sanctuary is a space designed to be more than just any ordinary studio. This space allows for maximum comfort, convenience, and privacy. 


The Escape studio is the largest studio we offer. With plenty of windows, natural sunlight can enter to brighten the mood for even the toughest of days.

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