Offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for modern living.

Dwelling in a container house provides a unique blend of functionality and style, transforming humble shipping containers into comfortable homes. With smart design and efficient use of space, these dwellings offer a sustainable living option without compromising on modern amenities.

Similar Projects of Dwellings

Evan Plus

Evan Plus is a cutting-edge smart home system that seamlessly integrates into container house dwellings, providing enhanced automation and control over various aspects of daily living.


Gal, an AI-powered personal assistant, revolutionizes the way residents interact with their container house dwellings. With voice command capabilities and smart home integration.


Erez is an advanced energy management system that optimizes power usage and efficiency in container house dwellings, reducing environmental impact and utility costs.


Tal is an intelligent home security system designed specifically for container house dwellings, ensuring safety and peace of mind for residents.


Adam is a cutting-edge home automation system that transforms container house dwellings into smart, interconnected living spaces.

Sela Mini

Sela Mini is a compact and versatile modular furniture system designed for container house dwellings, maximizing space utilization and adaptability.

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